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European Voluntary Service

My name is Martin, I am the person who is taking care about volunteers in Prevent. I am in touch with volunteers from beginning to the end.

Now you are probably thinking about becoming a volunteer, maybe you have already decided to go or maybe you are just checking the opportunities. Following lines will give you a rough picture on what is in our organization going on and may help you to decide if our organization is what you are looking for and if you want to spend several month with us.


  • Deadline for receiving applications: February 22nd 2010
  • We contact the selected applicants: March 1st 2010
  • Volunteer arrival date: August 1st 2010 (exact date can be discussed)

  • Number of hosted volunteers: 2
  • Required language: English - communicative level
  • EVS duration: 10 -12 months
  • What is EVS ...


To get into the selection process you have to:
  • Read carefully the following lines
  • Be (get in) contact with a sending organisation. (Search HERE)
  • Fill in the application form (for download see bellow)
  • Send the application form, short CV and your picture on:

NGO Prevent is quite big organization providing social services in several towns on the south of Czech Republic (check the map). We are ready to host two volunters in two projects, one volunteer in each project. Read the description and choose which project would you prefer:


One sort of social services is for people who are currently taking drugs. The philosophy of this approach is called Harm Reduction. The service is providing services directly on the street or in drop in centre.
The next sort of services is for people who stopped drugs taking, passed treatment and now want come back to the normal live. They temporarily live in special house where they get support from therapeutics and social worker who help them to find a job and sort out the other problems. We call this project After Care Centre.

Volunteer will be mostly located in these two projects: Drop In Centre (Strakonice) and After Care Centre (České Budějovice). Transportation by train will be covered.

Volunteer will be in contact with people who are experimenting or taking drugs. These people are a special subculture. Some people may not feel comfortably when beeing in contact with this subculture. You should consider if it is not problem for you to be in contact with this sort of people 3 days in week. Some time they are not very clean or they have strange ways of behaviour (I don not mean they are aggressive). Everything is safe and you will be always accompanied by senior social worker.

Volunteer will assist and help the contact workers and social workers with running the centre and with programme for clients. After getting more familiar and comfortable in organization volunteer can start to assist with activities for clients. Examples of activities: arte therapy, drawing, handcraft activity, hiking trips, cycle trips, etc. We are ready to provide enough space and support for creating own activities. More in the description of our project.


This is the second field of our organization activities. It is actually specific sort of youth work. We use experiential learning and outdoor activities to develop the potential of school classes and working teams.
We help to the groups of people to find and develop their potential and creativity in their daily live and in their work or school. These activities happen mostly during school classes (short activities) or in the countryside (2 - 4 days activities).

Volunteer will have a base in the office of our project in town Strakonice. Volunteer will often be in contact with youth and students during our programmes.

The volunteer will assist with preparing and running the experiential courses for children and youngsters and assist with programmes of primary prevention at the basic and high schools. Assistance will be required only in the way which volunteer can carefully manage and all responsibility will be taken by our lector. More you can find in the official description of our project.


  • Travel costs are covered
  • Accommodation is covered
  • You get money for food
  • Pocket money will be given every month
  • Course of Czech Language will be provided


Martin Klajn

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

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